Nic Redman

My Northern Irish craic’s landed me a voiceover client list as long as yer arm including Tesco, the BBC and other impressive names, but I’m also quite the pro on the other side of the mic - I’ve taught voice, voiceover & accents at some of the top drama schools in the UK including RADA, LIPA and Arts Ed, and supported productions by CBBC, Hat Trick Productions and Radio 4 Comedy, as well as at theatres all over the UK. My opinions and advice have been included in The Guardian, Spotlight and The Irish Post, and on numerous podcasts and radio stations. As if that didn’t keep me busy enough, I also provide tailored voice advice and accent training through my 1-2-1 voice coaching practice, and I co-founded the Northern Voice Collective to spread regular voice and accent classes for professional voice users across the north of England.

Leah Marks

After years bopping around winning slam poetry competitions and presenting children’s radio programmes, I realised that voice was all I cared about and directed my intense, relentless personality at that. After a few false starts, including a Welsh accent that we don’t talk about, I eventually reached the point where, as a jobbing voiceover for big fancy names including Guylian and Longleat Safari Park, I was also performing in BBC Radio 4 drama and reading the news on BBC Radio Manchester. Lately I’ve discovered a knack for directing and production management with the award winning but inaccurately titled audio drama company Naked Productions. They’re pretty fantastic. More clothes than you’d think though.