Fancy making the next year your best one yet? We've made a planner that can help you get to exactly where you want to be! 


You may have tried other planners in the past, but this one has been created especially with you in mind; with all your particular, voiceover-y requirements accounted for.


The 52 week Voiceover Career Planner is your all-in-one journal for tracking your business goals, planning (and keeping to) a skills development regime, and keeping you focused and productive every day. Every day!


We’ve also pulled together pages of stuff that we all need all the time – self direction guidance, support to get into brilliant habits, a breakdown of script analysis techniques, and a whole sheet of warm up exercises for you to rip out and stick up in your booth.


Listen to Episode 51 of the VO Social for lots of support to make this your best professional year yet! And let us know how you get on - use the hashtag #VOCareerPlanner to join the conversation.

The Voiceover Career Planner - by The VO Social

  • Included in the Voiceover Career Planner:

    • The year divided into 52 weeks so you can start your best ever professional year whenever you like!
    • A page per weekday, with the weekend spread across a page, designed to be flexible to your needs while guiding you to make great choices.
    • 52 inspirational bits of advice from eminent audio experts.
    • Goal setting and review pages.
    • A warm up routine to rip out and stick up on the wall of your booth.
    • Studio troubleshooting tips.
    • Guidance on website design, script analysis, self direction, and creating sucessful habits!

    Get yours, grab a pen, and take control of the next bit of your VO career!


  • UK - We can post your planner to you for £4 easy peasy, and it'll arrive in 3-5 days.


    International - Ooh, erm... well, this is where it gets a bit tricky. Shipping abroad is quite pricey BUT! We've come up with a solution... If you club together with four chums we'll do you free shipping, send all 5 copies to the same place, and you can save yourself over a hundred pounds! Use the code FREESHIPPING at checkout.