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(the one you're currently in has actually been switched off, and we are in the process of moving the planner shop permanently to Shopify)


Anyway, where were we? Oh yes! The 52 week Voiceover Career Planner! It's your all-in-one journal for tracking your business goals, planning (and keeping to) a skills development regime, and keeping you focused and productive every day. Every day!


After this LIMITED EDITION run is sold out, we'll be permanently moving to softback instead of hardback - all the same great content, but with an ordinary cover, so move fast if you want one of these fancy ones!


Outside the UK? Click here for your international edition planner! More at

The Voiceover Career Planner - by The VO Social

  • Included in the Voiceover Career Planner:

    • The year divided into 52 undated weeks, so you can start your best ever professional work whenever you like!
    • 52 inspirational bits of advice from eminent audio experts.
    • Mountains of support to set, review and achieve your goals
    • Studio troubleshooting tips for those monents of technical panic
    • Guidance on website design, script analysis, self direction, and creating sucessful habits
    • FOUR exclusive warm up routines to cover every type of VO job!


    • UK

    Standard First Class: £5.99

    Tracked First Class: £9.50

    Delivery time estimate: 5-7 days


    • International

    The limited edition hardback planner is only available in the UK, but our special International Edition is now on sale! Click HERE to find out more.

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