The North's finest are gathering in Manchester for the Autumn VO Social at a new venue... meet us at Grub, from 2-7pm on the 2nd October at The Red Bank Project, 50 Red Bank, Manchester M4 4HF!

It's Manchester's biggest and friendliest street food venue, it's less than ten minutes walk from Victoria Station, and we've got tables booked outside especially for VOs. Wear all your coats! If it's going to piddle down with rain the venue says we can move inside though, so we'll probably do that. Accessibility info HERE.

It's totally free and you don't need a ticket, but do let us know if you're planning to come so that we can keep everybody updated.

An extra thing is happening! Comedy night "A Lovely Time" is happening at Grub from 7pm on the same day so a bunch of us are going to that too! 


We've wangled a bit of a discount because Nic's very kindly married one of the organisers, so you can either book tickets here if you like paying booking fees OR, if you contact us directly before the 20th September you can get your ticket with no booking fee! Going for option 2? Email us at:

listen at thevosocial.com

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