It's finally here...

Our first ever live show!

- Be in the audience for a whole episode on getting more work in the gaming industry with blindingly qualified producer/director Kirsty Gillmore.

- Find out what you need on your gaming reel, how to put in your best performance, and how to turn that demo into real, actual, in-studio, paid work.

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And that's not all!

Two ridiculously lucky voiceovers will also get the opportunity to take part in a live masterclass at the recording! OMG WE KNOW RIGHT?!?
Here’s how:
Send an MP3 to of yourself delivering these lines from an action-adventure game set in a world post society-break down. (You're playing a significant non-player character (NPC) interacting with the player character):
"Look around you. The world's changed and it's never going back to the way it was. You can either put up with it, or work with me to make it better. What are you going to do?"


DEADLINE: Midnight on 24th July
We’ll choose the best two submissions, and send those people the script for the masterclass in advance. All you’ll then need to do is show up at the pub!
WHERE: Upstairs at the Ape and Apple, John Dalton Street, Manchester, M2 6HQ
WHEN: 2-7pm, 8th August 2020
COST: Nothing! It’s free! Crazy times. Get your free ticket HERE