The Voiceover Social Podcast.

Consistently described as "not boring".

Our podcast is a 5* rated, highly entertaining, intensely informative and intermittently hilarious magazine show for working voiceovers - and we've been nominated for a SOVAS award! (Winner announced 6th December)


We’ve investigated some of the biggest issues facing the voiceover industry including the looming threat of AI, answered the desperate question “What the heck is a Mid-Atlantic accent?!” and collected together the most terrifying anecdotes from the depths of the TV continuity booth.


We’ve also taken our listeners to a tiny Scottish village to meet one of the most well known promo voices in America, to the One Voice Conference every year until they eventually made us their official podcasters in 2020, and to the forefront of a campaign to make sure voiceovers are properly paid for the work they do.


We get regular updates from Equity’s audio committee about what the union’s doing to safeguard pay and protect our rights, and in our regular segment The Panic Room, you can send in your particular voice concern to our resident voice coach, the extraordinary Nic Redman. Think you can beat our current favourite, “nose farts”? Email an MP3 explaining the problem to


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